Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ten Canoes

Ten Canoes is a story wrapped in a story wrapped in a story, the wrappings are woven so thick and the stories go so deep, that I wasn't sure by the end whether we had found our way to the core of something so submerged that we couldn't even remember the trajectory into this place? or whether we had just finally found our way to the surface of a river so deep that no one could ever swim back down....(in other words, I found the structure and form of this film as entrancing as the characters, dialogue and plot). Certain stories invite me to reimagine the possibilities of filmic storytelling and better yet the contours of my life, and the way that simple mundane stories about brothers, desire, bickering and loss develop such resonance through this artful narrative restores much of my hope about the value of small local stories and the hope that faithfulness in a small inobtrusive life can be steeped in significance.