Saturday, May 05, 2007

For Your Consideration

I have always enjoyed Christopher Guest's satirical send-ups of the tight little meaning enclaves in our societies whose meanings are so dense and idiosyncratic that the particularities of how each player engages in the meaning-making end up feeling more universal and accessible than the broadly-familiar-man/boy-comedy-romps which now seem to be our cultural consensus about "funny."

Unfortunately, I found this particular effort to be too broad in every regard; perhaps the target became too large to engender nuanced and worthwhile performances -- perhaps its the fact that this territory is far too well trodden (delightfully by The Player, modestly by State and Main, darkly by Swimming With The Sharks, peripherally and more recently by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), but apart from a better-than-usual performance by Parker Posey, I only felt invited to laugh at -- never to laugh with.

++ 1/2