Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Andrei Rublev

Some review of Wes Anderson once referred to his movies as: Beautiful Music from a Strange World -- I love that -- and its a perfect way to talk about this film -- only the world (and therefore the music) is much much stranger. In this epic that includes Russian Revolution, Pagan Festivals, Angry Fighting Monks, Explicit Torture Scenes, the Painting of Icons, the Firing of a Bell -- the dramatic stakes end up being the big questions that plague artists:

- What is the good of art?
- Who is art for?
- Does an artistic talent demand that you use it?
- How can an artist survive in the restrictive contexts of church and politics?

It'll take two more viewings of this film, before I'll like it...

but I'm going to watch it at least those two times...

it feels like the sort of film that nurtures your soulfulness.