Thursday, December 01, 2005

Movies About Families Changed by the Loss of a Child:

This is one of those roiling boiling posts which is intended to grow over time. Blogettiquete, at least what I know of it, thus far, doesn't have a clear convention for editing, revising and reinvention. There's this, but that only works when you change your mind, what if you want to make it clear that you're developing some ideas over time.

Here's my inventive bid for a routenized way of handling such things: I'll add a little date at the bottom of the post in type, then I'll use this convention to update it each time I add new movies to the list, eh?

1. Ordinary People

2. In America

3. In the Bedroom

4. Minority Report (I know, it almost seems silly to list it with the other three, but...)

5. ??? I'll be back ???

November 30, 2005