Thursday, November 10, 2005

Two Sentence Reviews

I'm going to try to write two sentence reviews of movies. I'll use the five +++++ method to also denote my overall evaluation.

Just so you know what my grading scale means --

+++++ I LOVE this movie *and* I think its a GREAT movie.

++++ I EITHER love this movie OR I think its a great movie.

+++ I think this movie is worth seeing. There are elements of this movie that I think are great.

++ I recognize some great moments or elements in this film, but I didn't really like it overall.

+ I recognize some goodness here; the point of this review is just to affirm a shared value with fans.

Why bother to review movies at all with such a pared down system?

Talking about film is a way of making connections between people, a way of making connections between art & a way of making connections between ideas. Since I relish all of these sorts of connections -- any opportunity to engage in them is welcome.

Writing things into the world functions as a kind of memory. Our writing scars our sense of self; it forces us to look backward and remember what we have been. It allows others to look at us and recognize us as uniquely shaped others.

Time is always slipping away -- catching up with the great movies still feels vaguely attainable since the medium is so young. But the speed of life always presses against this hope. Two sentences negotiates this tension in a way that feels manageable right now.