Sunday, November 13, 2005

Minority Report

In this dystopian vision of the USA, citizens and politicians are no less concerned with the rights and liberties of The People than we are now; the moral gravity has shifted, though, and the rights of the many are now protected against the malevolent or impassioned few who would threaten their right to life (the rights of the many no longer balanced by the presumption of innocence, but instead balanced by the pristine record of an impeccable legal system -- the high-tech, psychic-cyborg-fueld Pre-Crime division).

Almost everything about the film is great: the premise, the lush visuals, the re-vision of our public sphere (a pastiche of advertisement narrowcasted to the extreme of personalized vision), the performances of Cruise and Morton and a fresh new Colin Farrell, but only almost everything because the final ten minutes of the film devolve into contrivances, convention and melodramatic finale.

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