Tuesday, September 20, 2005

About Redbaerd

I am:

Someone who loves film.

An external processor. I think by talking/writing.

Someone who was (because of religion) deprived of films for the first 16 or so years of his life.

An amateur film critic.

Someone who values the popular.

But also someone who appreciates critical standards.

An amateur screenwriter.

Someone who eschews film snobbery...

...and someone who inadvertantly snubs films all the time.

A failed filmmaker.

Someone who has read a smidgen of film theory.

Utterly transfixed when bathed in the glow of a screen.

Someone who ended up teaching a "faith and film" class at his church under duress...

...and started writing this blog while teaching the class.

I write this blog because:

I like to remember what I think about anything by returning to re-read my journal.

I've experienced the thrill of *connection* with like-minded-folks through the internet, and its a high that I wouldn't mind replicating.

I know that once others read my ideas -- they'll challenge me, provide me with new great leads, and introduce me to films and filmmakers I wouldn't have otherwise known about. I can't wait.

Writing is a heuristic process for me, I'll develop both my thinking and my questions by writing. I also know that I'll be more moderate in the claims I make because of the theoretical audience that could be lurking any moment.

The two-sentence review is an exercise in clarity and directness (neither one are virtues I posess).